Roadworthy Certificate Cost


How much does a Roadworthy Certificate Cost in Victoria?

Because a roadworthy certificate covers so many different parts of a vehicle, and vehicles vary greatly in type, size, style and age the total cost of a roadworthy certificate can vary  - especially depending on whether there are faults discovered and what those faults are.

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Roadworthy Quotes.

Giving a Quote for roadworthy certificates without knowing more about the vehicle is difficult and its best that you speak with us directly or drop in with your vehicle to discuss your needs, or simply use our handy contact form and we will contact you to talk about how much a roadworthy will cost for your particular vehicle.


Cheap Roadworthy.

Although some service centres might quote one low price for roadworthies to get you in the door,  they aren’t taking all the factors into consideration and so the price might suddenly change - after you’ve booked in your vehicle for that cheap roadworthy, or they'll find a way to make their money back by claiming un-needed extras. For an honest quote on a roadworthy price call Total Car Care today.


What happens if my car fails the roadworthy test ?

If there are defects or faults found in your car they will need to be fixed before a new roadworthy inspection is performed and a certificate provided. The cost associated with fixing the defaults depends, again, on the type of fault, the type of vehicle, the condition of the vehicle and many other factors. You will be provided with a quote for the repairs needed before any work is performed on your vehicle.


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Roadworthy Checklist - Want to know what your vehicle will need before your get an RWC test ?

One of the things you can do before you get a Roadworthy is to inspect some of the items that will be checked in a roadworthy yourself to help you get an idea of what might need to be replaced or adjusted before your car is approved as being 'roadworthy'. We have provided a handy list for you on our Roadworthy Requirements page.

The only way to be completely sure is to have a roadworthy test done by a licensed vehicle tester , so come in and see us at Total Car Care Centre.


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