Auto Electrical


Because the auto-electrical systems of today's cars are so intricate there are a lot of different faults that fall under the category of auto-electrical - from a faulty power window right up to engine failure.


Diagnosing Auto Electrical faults

Auto electrical problems can often seem like one part of your vehicle is faulty when it’s actually another part causing the problem. Issues with your battery going flat can be caused by the alternator, blown fuses can cause all kinds of issues and solenoid problems can easily seem like an issue with the battery or starter motor. Having a fully qualified Auto Electrician diagnose any issues is the best way to know for certain that any faults have been fully resolved at the source.

At Total Car Care Centre our auto-electrician is fully trained to perform work on all the electrical components of your vehicle and can help diagnose, install or repair any electrical problems in your car including:

Electronic fuel injection
Alternators and Starter Motors
Car Batteries
Auto electrical fault diagnosis
Power windows
Central locking
Air bags and SRS
Car alarms and security
Air conditioning
ABS Anti lock braking system
Electronic tuning
New lighting and re wiring
Dashboard lights


Maintaining your Auto Electrical System

Remember, many of the life saving technologies in today's vehicles, like stability controls or anti-lock braking systems are controlled by the car's computer, electrical and wiring systems, and these systems need to be regularly checked by a specialist for faults to ensure your safety on the road. Our Auto electricians are fully qualified and maintain highest quality up to date knowledge via the Repco auto-tech training programme.

If you have an Auto Electrical issue in your car, need electrical equipment installed or would just like to talk to us about your problem please Call Us at Total Car Care Centre today or fill in our handy Contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your vehicles needs.


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